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If you think you want to avail the benefits of a knowledge Panel, let us know. We’ll set everything up for you.

What are the benefits of Google Knowledge Panel?

The benefits of a knowledge panel are vast, and below are only a few examples.


Better visibility in Google SERPs

It's an opportunity to showcase your products and services to potential customers through rich snippets. Better visibility means more traffic, which translates into more sales. And, it gives you an edge over competitors who don't have Knowledge Panels yet.

Increase customer trust and confidence

Google Knowledge Panels are designed to be informative, so they help build trust among users and increase the likelihood that they'll click through to your website. This means more leads for you!

Build Your Brand Recognition

Knowledge Graphs provide information about your business that will help build your brand recognition with potential customers.
01. Learn GKP

What is Google Knowledge Panel or Knowledge graph?

Google Knowledge Panel is a part of the search page of Google that shows some important information about a person, a brand, a business, or any other entity. Whenever you search about anything, you can see a panel on the right side of the search page that includes some basic information about the searched entity. This panel is called Google Knowledge Panel. 

To get your brand, business, or personal information there, you need to create a Google Knowledge Panel about it. Once the panel is successfully created, anyone searching for the person, brand, or business can see the panel and the information included in it.

02. Benifits

More Benefits

We've outlined the benefits of using a Google Knowledge Panel in greater detail.

How it work

The Process We Follow

Step 1 - Receiving the Order

We have several packages for the Google Knowledge Panel service. When you pick one, provide the information we’ve asked for, and send the payment, we start working on that. 

After the order is received, we send you an e-mail saying that your order is received, and we’ve started working with that. 

Step 2 - Checking the Information

We collect a lot of information required for the Knowledge Panel through the order process. The actual work starts when we check the information and verify everything. If there is any confusion, we reach you and discuss that. Thus, we make sure that everything we’re submitting to Google is perfect and flawless. 

Step 3 - Submission of Information

Once everything is cross-checked and we’re sure that everything you’ve provided is okay to go, we submit the information to Google through proper procedure. We make sure that were completing every step properly so that Google doesn’t find anything that might be a problem. 

We try to do this within a day or two from the date you confirm the order. 

Step 4 - Waiting for Confirmation

After submission, we have nothing to do except wait. Google takes time to verify the information submitted through the application process. 

The time needed depends on Google. There is no specific time defined by Google. In most cases, it takes 2-3 weeks. So, we keep waiting until Google notifies us about it. 

Step 5 - Submitting the Report

Once the Knowledge Panel is approved, we make a report and send it to you through the e-mail address you’ve provided. The report contains what we’ve done for you and possibly a visual representation of your knowledge panel.

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Great communication & delivery time was faster than expected. Thanks!
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A fabulous experience from a professional and competent company. inform buddy knows his stuff and will go the extra mile to provide the required result. Outstanding and helpful service from an expert. Thank you again for a job well done! ❤️
The Silhouet
Chris Arvan
Worked with this company multiple times. He provides a great service!
Chris Arvan
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Christian Ganiere
Excellent work. Highly recommended. Thank you!
Christian Ganiere
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BB Thomaz
This person actually did what they say they would. I would recommend to anyone this company is real!!!! Takes some time to get done but it’s real!!!! ❤️❤️❤️
BB Thomaz
Ann Handley
inform buddy is a great company. they efficiently communicates, answers all questions thoroughly, and gives clear instructions. the communication manager was very patient with me. I was very happy with my panel. Thanks!
Ann Handley
Hussein Abdelfatah
Always fantastic work. Delivered way faster than promised. Thanks!
Hussein Abdelfatah
Liana Zavo
Amazing! My 3rd time doing business with inform buddy and I’m extremely happy with his work. Thanks again
Liana Zavo
Jon Glassberg
What a great and fast service, they did what exactly offered , I tried many people before and none of them can do it however inform buddy did the panel and it was very fast! Professional work , highly recommended 👌
Jon Glassberg

Frequently asked questions

Haven't got your answer? Contact our support now

Am I surely getting the knowledge panel?

Google doesn’t offer knowledge panels to all. However, still you have the scope for getting the panel. If you have a basic online presence including a Wikipedia page, a website, social media accounts, and a moderate but regular engagement with followers, you’ll be getting the knowledge panel, almost sure. 

How can you help to get the panel?

We can set everything and apply for the panel, which is our basic Google Knowledge Panel service. Besides, we can set up an environment that can help you to get the panel easily. For example- we can build a Wikipedia page for you or help you to start and continue your social media presence. Also, we can help out you to get a place on social directory sites. These can aid you to get the panel easily. 

However, these are our separate services. Surf through our services or communicate with us to know more about those. 

Does Google automatically make KP for me?

Depending on your online presence, the Google algorithm decides whether to create your knowledge panel or not. If the knowledge panel is created automatically, we claim that and finish the process by providing necessary information and correcting the wrong information. 

If it is not built automatically, we request Google for one. Google checks your online presence, verifies it, and then decides whether to allow you a panel or not. 

Why doesn’t Google approve the KP request fast?

We don’t know why Google takes such a long time for that. We think there are two main reasons. One is- Google needs to process a lot of KP requests it receives from the users every day. Another is- Google takes KP very seriously. So, it verifies the information properly. That’s why the verification procedure requires a huge amount of time. 

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